Painting Pumpkins for Halloween

Thanks to the Americans who have always made a big deal of Halloween the trend is now increasing over here and each year the celebrations are getting bigger and bigger.

So, fancy trying something a little bit different this year for your pumpkin? Then why not try painting it! You can tie it into your interior and make it look really chic and stylish.

It couldn’t be simpler to do. Just give your pumpkin a really good wash with Sugar Soap and using chalk paint you just simply brush it on all over the pumpkin. Allow 4 hours before applying the second coat to give the first coat a chance to harden so that it doesn’t come away.

I used Autentico Chalk Paint for my pumpkins. They have a great range of colours, no need to use primer and is safe for children to use.

autentico chalk paint

You could always go that extra step and use some decorative techniques on your pumpkin. On my black pumpkin I have used silver metal leaf to add that touch of glam.

painted pumpkins

Please however be mindful that pumpkins are real and will rot after a few weeks but paint them during the week leading up to Halloween and you can enjoy them over the celebrations.

Pop in the shop and pick up your Autentico Chalk Paint sample pots and start getting creative!

Happy painting!


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