How to Paint a Fabric Seat Stool

Not very good at upholstery but have a very tired looking chair or stool that needs a make over? Well just paint it! Yes you really can paint fabric with Autentico Chalk Paint!

I’m going to take you through the very simple process of painting fabric to give your furniture a fresh new look.


As you can see this stool was very tired looking. Horrid orange pine legs with very dated fabric. The fabric itself was still in good condition. No holes, rips and still remained tight.

I took the seat pad off so that I could paint the legs. I gave the legs a good clean and then painted them with Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint in ‘Cocos’, slightly distressed it and then finished with clear wax (this image shows just the first coat of paint applied).

painted stool legs

To prepare the fabric ready for painting simple spray a little water all over to make the fabric damp. This helps to spread the paint easier. Using an Autentico 45mm oval brush I applied the paint in all directions so that it got into the weave of the fabric. I have used Autentico Vintage Chalk Paint in ‘Winter Sky’.

painting seat pad

Once the first coat is fully dry apply another coat (if you are using a white or a cream you may need a third coat if the fabric you are painting is heavily patterned).

painted seat pad

Once the paint was completely dry I decided to add some stencil detail to the top as it was quite a large flat area.

waxing seat pad

When all the paint is dry you will find the fabric quite stiff. To soften the painted fabric a little and to seal it you need to apply a coat of clear wax. Using a wax brush really work the wax into the fabric using a circular motion ensuring the all the fabric is covered. You will see the area you have applied the wax will be slightly dark so you know where you have been and whether it is covered enough. Allow this to fully dry and absorb overnight.

finished seat pad

The next day everything should be dried and you are able to attach the seat pad back onto the legs.

painted fabric stool

Here’s the finish result! A totally new look which is much fresher and brighter. I hope you like it!



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