How to get an even burn from your soy candle

Soy candles are slow burners. You can get between 40-50 hours burn time just from a 20cl candle. See our full range of candles here.

If you only burn your candle for short bursts at a time you will get a dip in the middle of your candle (known as ‘tunnelling’) and unmelted hard wax around the edges which will not melt. This can be very frustrating, wasteful and you won’t get the full fragrance from the candle.

lit soy candle

To get the most out of your candle, a nice even burn and a great scent spreading across the room you need to ensure you burn your candle until the wax melts to the edge of the glass creating a  ‘melt pool’.

soy candle     soy candle

How long it takes for the melted wax to reach the edge will depend on the size of the candle. Use the diameter of your candle jar as the guide for burning time. For instance, burn a candle that is three inches in diameter for three hours. If you’ve only got an hour to enjoy your new fragrance candle pick one that isn’t too wide but if you like to have cosy evenings in by candlelight then you can go for a much larger one.



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